Office Trailers / 8’ x 16’

8’x 16’ Executive Wheeled Office Trailer

This unit is great when your space is limited, and you are working on a smaller project with a crew of about 2-4 workers and one to two foremen, safety officers, etc. This unit can fit into one parking lot.

$ 10,500.00 plus GST
Size 8x16
Type Wheeled office unit
Condition Used
Price $ 10,500.00 plus GST
Building size 128 sq. ft
Hitch 25/16th adjustable hitch
Weight 4000 lb
Occupancy 4-6 workers
Power 240 volt single phase 30 amp
Heat Baseboard heater


- 48” long – 2 T8 lamps
- commercial vinyl flooring


- single axle, 7,000 lbs, adjustable hitch, 2 5/16th ball hitch
- Stairs as per request

Power & Heating


- 240, single phase, 30 amp service, electrical panel